Spruce Creek Airport (FAA LID: 7FL6) is a private airport located in Port Orange, seven miles south of the central business district of Daytona Beach, Florida. It was originally constructed during World War II as an outlying field (OLF) to nearby Naval Air Station DeLand and NAS Daytona Beach. OLF Spruce Creek originally had four paved 4,000 foot runways and was abandoned by the U.S. Navy in 1946.

Today, Spruce Creek Airport operates exclusively to service the residents of the Spruce Creek Community. Fly-In residents enjoy sole access to the airport’s one remaining operational runway directly from their homes.

Management of Spruce Creek Airport is the responsibility of the Spruce Creek Property Owners Association (SCPOA). Operating policy established by the SCPOA is documented in the Spruce Creek Airport Operating Procedures Manual and made available to the Airport user community on the DOCUMENTS page of this website.
Spruce Creek Airport NOTAMs
The traffic advisory frequency is 122.925 MHz.  Be aware of non-compliant traffic on the old 122.975 frequency.

Runway designations have changed to 6/24.  RNAV Rwy 5 is still in effect.

DO NOT land on the main taxiway marked with “Xs” and “TAXI”.

USE frequent radio communications on 122.925 for taxiing, departures and landings.

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