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“I could see a difference in my bulls after two weeks of feeding Pro Bull Z-16. They started losing their belly and showing more… ....Read More

Mike Jones

“We started feeding Pro Bull Z-16 3 years ago, after meeting Aaron at Stephenville. We feed it to our momma cows, heifers, weanlings, as… ....Read More

Bryon Beveridge

“All my competition bulls are being feed the Pro Bull Z-16 and the Pro Bull Max. 945 Lights out was 4th at the ABBI… ....Read More

Keith Strickland

“Pro Bull Feeds cost less to feed than any other bona fide performance feed on the market. Although Pro Bull Feeds cost more per… ....Read More

Monty Samford

“I have used Pro Bull Feeds for over eight years and can tell you, I am a firm believer in the Pro Bull Program…. ....Read More

Dustin Hull, Rafter HB Cattle Company

We made the trial switch from Total Bull and Total Equine a couple months ago. I would like to say that the Pro Bull… ....Read More

Mike Richardson - R6 Cattle Company

Dennis & Jan Owens
Congratulations Dennis & Jan Owens!!! Continuing you’re winning ways on Pro Bull Feeds!! ....Read More

Dennis & Jan Owens