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“I have been feeding KoolSpeed for about a year. I have seen big difference in the way my horses look and… ....Read More

Shy-Anne Jarrett

I had a four year old gelding that we suspected had ulcers in 2013.  I had him on a diet of a commercially marketed… ....Read More

Steve Fouts

“I started feeding KoolSpeed in April of 2015. Since that time this is what I have… ....Read More

Sharin Hall, Trainer

“I train horses that are shown in the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) team roping events; both in the amateur and professional ranks. I was… ....Read More

Jody Ramer, Trainer

“I had a mare that had been showing signs of ulcers for some time prior to December 2014. I had heard of ....Read More

Jody Galyean, Trainer

“We purchased BB in 2011. She had been turned out, recovering from an injury for the year prior. When I started rising her I… ....Read More

Rebecca Hazaleous

Josh and Tina Cain
“We just wanted to say thanks to Mannsville Ag and ....Read More

Josh and Tina Cain

“As successful professional rodeo contestants, we thought we knew what was best for our horses. It wasn’t until we were introduced to ....Read More

Ty and Janae Massey

“I have an AQHA halter horse, Mr. Tribbles. Purchased in April of 2012; he was an outstanding specimen. After purchasing him, my daughter started showing… ....Read More

John Erekson

“Aaron Custer had been telling me about his KoolSpeed Feed for several months. I was very reluctant to change my feeding… ....Read More

Josh Cain

This is my horse before KoolSpeed. This is my horse after KoolSpeed. ....Read More

Hannah Cochran

        This is Holy Smoken Tater. I have had him since mid January. He has… ....Read More

Cacee Taulman

I just wanted to tell you the amazing results I have had with… ....Read More

Shannon Peavy

Maddy Fields
“I have been feeding KoolSpeed Plus for 11 months now and the changes in my horse’s coat, feet, and demeanor has been incredible. I… ....Read More

Maddy Fields

  “My KoolSpeed and Formula 1horse….. LOVE HER” –Cythia Twohig   ....Read More

Cythia Twohig

  “Larry Boy…. my 2016 RRP TB Makeover horse… he contracted a fungal infection & was overdosed on meds that made him go off feed… ....Read More

Lara Armstrong

   “Want to see what Koolspeed feed does? Here is a horse that I bought… ....Read More

Diane Guinn

“Blessed to know my horses are fed the best! Thank you Aaron Custer for being so understanding while Frenchie is down. Very grateful ❤️ If… ....Read More

Shelby McCamey

“My barrel horses have never looked or felt better since they have been on Kool Speed. I have been feeding Kool Speed Plus for… ....Read More

McKenna Wagner

“I am doing a rescue horse with beginning and progress with Koolspeed and of course everything I am running is on Koolspeed Plus! We… ....Read More

Dawn Kester

“As promised, another great product we use and believe in. KOOLSPEED FEEDS, the name says it all. We have been feeding their feed for… ....Read More

Go for Broke Barrel Horses

What a difference KoolSpeed has made! Bam has been on it for a year now, and I won’t ever change! She is super picky and… ....Read More

Katie Perschbacher

  Before and after photos of #KoolSpeed horses top two photos are before starting KoolSpeed and the bottom are 30 after being on KoolSpeed. This mares… ....Read More

Michelle Hagaman

“I have been involved in the Equine Industry my whole life, from growing up on a ranch with a Professional Horse Trainer as a… ....Read More

Renee Ward