Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein(Min.)14.0%
Crude Fat(Min.)8.0%
Crude Fiber(Max) 22.0%
Calcium(Min.) 0.5%(Max) 0.9%
Zinc(Min.)120.0 ppm
Copper (Min.)30.0 ppm
Selenium,(Min.)0.4 ppm
Vitamin A (Min.)4,000.0 IU/lb
Vitamin E (Min.)50.0 IU/lb

KoolSpeed Plus is specifically designed to decrease the incidence and/or lessen the severity of ULCERS and their side effects without losing any performance in your horse; using an all-natural, low carbohydrate blend.  KoolSpeed Plus is specifically formulated with a higher fat content and should be fed when more body condition is a priority or when horses are under a heavy work load. 

KoolSpeed Plus Performance Feed

Feeding Instructions:

Feed KoolSpeed Equine Performance Feeds at the rate of 1% the horse's body weight per day in divided feedings. Feed good quality grass hay and/or pasture free choice. Animals should have access to an abundant supply of clean fresh water.