Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein(Min.) 16.0 %
Lysine(Min.)1.0 %
Methionine(Min.).48 %
Crude Fat(Min.)12.0 %
Crude Fiber(Max.)22.0%
Calcium(Min.) 0.5 %(Max.) 1.0 %
Phosphorus(Min) 0.35 %
Zinc(Min.)180.0 ppm
Copper (Min.)60.0 ppm
Selenium(Min.)0.4 ppm
Vitamin A (Min.)6,000.0 IU/lb
Vitamin E (Min.)75.0 IU/lb

Kool Foal is formulated to supply the right balance of nutrients to support healthy growth and development of a foal's frame and joints. Through the use of a patented and proprietary blend of ingredients, Kool Foal also promotes a less stressful weaning experience.

Kool Foal Performance Feed

Feeding Instructions:

Feed KoolFoal at the rate of 1% the horse's body weight per day in divided feedings. Feed good quality grass hay and/or pasture free choice. Animals should have access to an abundant supply of clean fresh water.